Thursday, April 18, 2013

What is Spot UV Printing?

One of the most popular based on its high impact, affordability, and versatility is spot UV printing. Although, technically, it’s not a “printing” technique but a coating technique for printed materials.

the most high-tech aspect of the process is the fact that it utilizes UV light to “cure” a varnish that is applied to paper or cardstock. This varnish can be applied to plain white cardstock, but is often applied to coat color-printed paper products, sealing in their color, adding shine, and protecting the printed surface underneath from moisture and other types of damage.

UV coating can be applied to achieve either a lightly glossy appearance, or a high-gloss shine, depending on the application technique. Business cards, flyers, and other heavier weight papers or cardstocks are best combined with UV coating (as opposed to thin paper).

UV coating can be applied to the whole page, or just to certain areas – a process commonly referred to as “spot” UV coating. In either process, the UV coating has the potential to deepen the color of the print, so when you use it in print projects, it’s a good idea to take this into consideration.

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