Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Perforation Defined

Veesham Printing Press - Perforation Defined

Perforations allow a document to be separated into smaller portions of the whole and they allow a document to be folded easily. In terms of printing specifications, perforations are classified according to bursting strength or tpi, which refers to "ties per inch" or "teeth per inch."

Burst and Tear Strength - The burst strength is a measurement of the pressure that is required separate a document at the perforated location. Tear strength is the resistance that a perforation offers in preventing a document from separating at the perforated location

Ties Per Inch/Teeth Per Inch - The ties (or tabs) are the areas along the length of the perforation that are not cut and serve to "tie" together the sections of a document on either side of the perforation.

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