Monday, August 5, 2013

12 Ways To Make Your Flyers Stand Out!

Flyers are a great way to get the word out about you and what you are doing, whether you are running a promotional sale on a product for your business, advertising for a play that will be running at the theatre in town soon, or a meeting for members of the community about what to do with surplus funds from last year’s school budget. However, it’s important to make sure those flyers get noticed, and there are twelve simple things you can do while creating the flyers that will ensure that will happen!

1. Use Striking and Colorful Graphics
It’s not as important to print the flyer on brightly colored paper as it is to use brightly colored graphics on whatever paper you choose, even if it’s just regular, white printer paper. Bright graphics, that are simple and can be seen from a distance, can bring people in to read your flyer and that’s exactly what you want.

2. Use Snappy Titles and Headlines
If a newspaper or magazine didn’t have interesting headlines, would you read it? Think of your flyer in the same way and make sure to think of quick, interesting headlines that make your reader want to get more information from the flyer about the topic at hand. Titles should stand out on the page, but should also stand out for the reader as being witty, clever, or just fun!

3. Offer Compelling Testimonials
Testimonials shouldn’t be hard to find if you’re running a sale. What have others said in the past about sales you have run at your store? Or have you run this play before in the past? Try calling up some people you know saw the play the last time and see what they have to say so you can add their testimonial to the flyer! When it comes to spending the surplus budget, who doesn’t like to spend extra money? Making that known with a snappy quote, even a popular one by someone famous, can help make all the difference.

4. Focus on the Benefits of Your Service or Product
Let people who read your flyer know why it’s important that they come to the sale, attend the play, or go to the community meeting. Will it benefit them? Will they take something out of it? Will it help the community? Make sure the flyer lets them know that attending will make a difference, if not for themselves then for someone else.

5. Make Sure Your Points are Easily Identifiable
The points you make on your flyer should stand out in some way, whether with bullets or nice fonts. There’s many ways to make these points the focus of your flyer so why not test a few out and see which ones work best with your ideas? Small images can even be used as bullet points, and colored fonts can be used to set wording apart from other text on the page.

6. Organize Your Flyer with Borders, Boxes, and Contrasting Colors
If the page is all text, with nothing to separate out what’s important from the contact information or the dates, then it can get a little overwhelming for a reader and they may give up before they even get to the important parts. Make sure important information is separated with borders, even fun or decorative ones, and that colors are used not just in graphics but in text and other decorations as well.

7. Proofread!
Nothing will make a reader turn away from your flyer faster than a lot of typos, so it’s important to proofread multiple times. Double and triple check the dates, the prices, the times, and the locations so that people aren’t showing up at the wrong time or at the wrong place wanting the wrong things!

8. Don’t Get Complicated
It’s important that your flyer get people interested enough to show up to get more details. You don’t have to give every detail in the flyer or add so many graphics that the flyer is burdened with them. The simpler the flyer is, the more likely people are to be genuinely interested in what you have to say.

9. Offer Special Prices and Discounts - Or Try a Flyer Raffle
Why not offer people a special price if they mention your flyer if you’re already running a sale on products at your store or on tickets to your play? And if you’re running that community meeting, why not offer a flyer raffle for those who bring in a flyer to get people to come in for the chance to win a prize?

10. If Budget Is An Issue, Try Numbers 11 and 12
Not everyone can afford to place a stack of flyers in places all over town to have people pick them up to bring them in with them, the next two flyer distribution methods may work for you!

11. Use Scatter Shot
Try researching the places in town that have the most pedestrian traffic and leave small stacks of your flyers there for people to take. If you place these strategically around town you may not have to place the flyers everywhere and this can save money on paper and printing. Once enough people have heard the news, word will begin to spread by word-of-mouth so the flyers are only the beginning.

12. Location, Location, Location
Make sure that the places you put your flyers are the best places for people in your community to find them. Many grocery stores and strip malls have a small bulletin board available for flyers that advertise events that benefit the community, so this may be a good place to start. Many banks and other community staples also have the ability to set out a small stack of flyers somewhere in their building for people to read and take. If you are advertising a business sale, be sure to talk to the town clerk’s office or the Small Business Association office in your area as they may already have a list put together of places to advertise for businesses. Plays and community arts events can usually be advertised at schools and government buildings, as can community meetings for school and town budgets.

Source: overnightprints Learning Center

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